Experienced Software Engineer for Performance-driven and SEO-optimised Digital Solutions

As a seasoned software engineer with over 17 years of experience, I specialise in problem-solving and developing customised digital solutions. Over the years, I’ve been working extensively with Next.js, architecting both fully static and dynamic websites for a diverse clientele, from disruptive startups to industry-leading brands.

I’ve led crucial roles in a variety of projects, one of which involved leveraging cutting-edge technologies to revolutionise systems in the agriculture and food sectors on a global scale. In this role, I orchestrated the technical implementation of a high-performance, flexible web platform adhering to the JAMstack philosophy, employing technologies such as Algolia, Contentful, GraphQL, Netlify, React.js, TailwindCSS, and TypeScript.

Another significant project was creating a purpose-built web platform serving as a knowledge hub for international and domestic businesses. This platform was engineered with the objective of empowering entities with strategic resources and connections, enhancing business reputations globally. For this project, technologies such as Azure Cognitive Search, Contentful, GraphQL, Next.js, React.js, and TypeScript were employed.

A strong advocate for modern development architecture, committed to delivering enhanced performance, cost-efficiency, and scalability. My expertise with Next.js includes optimising performance, effectively managing cache, and keeping up-to-date with the latest features for delivering superior SEO optimisation.

I pride myself on crafting solutions that align seamlessly with my clients’ specific needs and objectives, thereby fostering business growth and enriching user experience.

Embracing new projects and challenges is a key feature of my freelance work. If you require a consultation on crafting a web platform that delivers a rich user experience, feel free to get in touch.

Available for after-hours freelance Next.js development. Get in touch!